A catchier bot name can attract visitors to your website more easily. With the rise of digital media, the web has become an indispensable tool in almost every person’s life. Online search has also turned into one of the most effective ways to find products and services. The stock market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Should I name my bot?

A name helps to build relationship even if it's with a bot. While your bot may not be a human being behind the scenes, by giving it a name your customers are more likely to bond with your chatbot. Whether you pick a human name or a robotic name, your customers will find it easier to connect when engaging with a bot.

Doing so would confuse users and lead to negative reviews. The best way to choose a bot name that is easy to spell and pronounce is to focus on one-syllable bot names. One-syllable bot name are easier to spell and pronounce than two-syllable bot names.

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Victor meaning ”winner”; Victor Stone is the alter ego of one of the most popular cyborg superheroes – Cyborg. He is perhaps the most famous out of the comic book cyborgs. Nuke is one of the more popular villainous cyborg characters in Marvel Comics. This is the name of a giant robot from the British film ”Devil Girl From Mars”. Atom was a boxing robot from the ’Real Steel’. Ro-man, an evil robot who was the antagonist of the 1952 movie Robot Monster.

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Some choose to use the name of their company as the name of their bot. We have a simple pricing model based on questions asked, refer to our Pricing page to learn more. Ask the chatbot on the right side of the screen. MetaDialog has been a tremendous help to our team, It’s saving our customers 3600 hours per month with instant answers. AI Engine connects to your website and any other content you have, and automatically reads everything, and within an hour it is ready to answer the questions.

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The insights gained from the surveys can then be turned into data-driven decision-making. Explore our articles about travel chatbot and hospitality chatbot use cases and applications. While sales bots don’t have publicly available stats on their tractions, they are widely applicable. Market leader vendors developing sales bots can be successful if they can build a powerful solution. Explore chatbot use cases in healthcare in our in-depth article on the topic.

cool bot names

Sometimes, these names may also mirror common human names. There are few humans who have mechanical or robotic sensors attached to their body or sensory parts, hence, they can be called a real cyborg. Here’s a list of 100+ great names of robots and cyborgs. In this brief note, I’ve tried to give the best steps which will be fruitful for you in the selection of cool bot names. I’ve also highlighted some benefits of choosing a bot name.

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Your chatbot is an extension of your business, so it is necessary to highlight its functions and capabilities genuinely. A person loves to chat with a professional and mannered being, the chatbot in this way impacts him through its cool dialogues and good name. Always remember that the names we have provided here just help you to choose a perfect name for your bot. We have collected these names from different sources.


Once you have the long name, simply abbreviate it. For example, EVE makes for a cute name and is also an Acronym. Carnegie Mellon’s Dante II was the first successful terrestrial explorer robot. The heroic endeavors of Dante are not unheard of but the robot didn’t get the happiest ending. A fun bot business is one that caters to your target audience.

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Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School. Cem has been the principal analyst at AIMultiple since 2017. AIMultiple informs hundreds of thousands of businesses cool bot names including 55% of Fortune 500 every month. Unfortunately, XiaoIce later had a run-in with the communist party with statements such as “my China dream is moving to United States”. No bot is immune from failures, and countries with censorship regimes make it harder to test bots.

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Which multiplayer shooter had the best bots?.

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Just like with the catchy and creative names, a cool bot name encourages the user to click on the chat. It also starts the conversation with positive associations of your brand. Your natural language bot can represent that your company is a cool place to do business with.

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However, if the bot has a catchy or unique name, it will make your customer service team feel more friendly and easily approachable. Another way to select really cool robot names is through puns. For example, K9 is a great name for a robot dog. Cool bots are machines which are controlled by artificial intelligence to act like a human.

  • Suppose You found this article valuable enough.
  • Unfortunately, XiaoIce later had a run-in with the communist party with statements such as “my China dream is moving to United States”.
  • Live chat software transferring the conversation to human agents in complex situations.
  • The heroic endeavors of Dante are not unheard of but the robot didn’t get the happiest ending.
  • This is because you’ll most likely fail or freak them out.
  • 45.9% of consumers expect bots to provide an immediate response to their query.

Click on the name text and the name will be automatically selected. Rajnandini is an art lover and enthusiastically likes to spread her knowledge. With a Master of Arts in English, she has worked as a private tutor and, in the past few years, has moved into content writing for companies such as Writer’s Zone. Trilingual Rajnandini has also published work in a supplement for ’The Telegraph’, and had her poetry shortlisted in Poems4Peace, an international project. Outside work, her interests include music, movies, travel, philanthropy, writing her blog, and reading.

How do you pick a bot name?

  1. Decide on your chatbot's role.
  2. Create a personality for your bot.
  3. Choose if you want a human name or a robot name.
  4. Consider if the name should be gendered.
  5. Make sure your chatbot actually works.
  6. Creative bot names aren't worth losing sleep over.

The catchier a name sounds, the more attention it will generate. There’s a reason why Disney is so famous, and why it’s the world’s largest theme park company. With the right name, your bot will have a chance to capture the attention of the masses. To date we’ve published more than 30,000 pet names suitable for just about every pet going.